About the project

In German rivers, and their tributaries and estuaries in neighboring countries, many fish (lamprey are included under the term “fish”) have been individually tagged for scientific purposes. Often, these tagged specimens and their associated tags are found outside the original study areas and after conclusion of the project. The interactive database, Fish Trek, was designed to foster research on a tagged fish’s origin and fate following the end of tagging studies, enabling collection of new information on dispersal and migratory behavior as well as the fate of indigenous fish species.

The research and development project, Fish Trek, is funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt e. V. and carried out in a collaboration between the Institut für angewandte Ökologie GmbH and the Deutscher Angelfischereiverband e. V.

As a Citizen Science project, Fish Trek relies on participation from the public. The more individually tagged fish that are reported to Fish Trek, the greater the potential knowledge gain. This is why we offer a finder’s reward (20 €) for each tag sent in that includes details about location and date of where the fish or tag was found.