Sending a tag

External VIP and CW tags can be sent in an envelope via post. Telemetric emitters and particularly PIT tags are often destroyed in the post process which makes them impossible to read. If you have found a transponder that you are unable to read on your own, please proceed as follows:

PIT tag smashed during stamping in the post (Foto: IfÖ)

Proper packaging of a PIT tag or telemetric emitter for shipping
(Foto: IfÖ)

  • wrap the transponder in tissue or other soft material
  • place the wrapped transmitter in an envelope in the corner opposite to the stamp (to prevent smashing of the transponder by the post stamp).
  • Print and fill out the attached form or write a note with following information and enclose it with the letter:



  • species of the fish or lamprey
  • date of catch or purchase of the fish, or finding the tag
  • ocation (description or coordinates) of catch or purchase of the fish, or finding the tag



  • length and weight of the fish


To receive the finder’s reward of 20 € and to receive information about “your” fish’s life and fate, we also require following information:

  • first name and family name
  • address (country, street, house number, zip code, city)
  • contact (e-mail, phone number)
  • IBAN
  • account number (SWIFT code)