Accompanying form Coded Wire Tag

Mendatory information on marking and fish

  • type of fish or lamprey

  • date of catch or purchase of the fish, finding the tag

  • location (description or coordinates) of catch or purchase of the fish or finding the tag

  • length in centimetre [cm]

  • Optional: weight in grams [g]


Personal information of the finder

  • first name and family name

  • adress (country, street, house number, zip code, city)

  • contact (email, phone number)

  • IBAN

  • account number (SWIFT code)


Notable! Personal information is not an obligation! However, they are necessary to be able to pay the finder the finder’s fee and / or to be able to contact him.
Fish-Trek does not save personal data of the finder, but only includes it in the accompanying PDF form. Only mandatory information on marking and fish is transmitted digitally to the database.