Current amount of data

As of September 1, 2020, Fish Trek contained original tagging records for 106,581 individually tagged fish representing 42 various species.

Based on submissions of recovered tags to date, the origin of 469 individuals has been determined based on recovered tags: 373 submissions came from the Elbe River system and two from the Baltic Sea. Furthermore, 44 tagged European eels were detected in the Fulda River during electrofishing efforts and two eels were detected downstream in the River Weser. 31 fish of various species have been reported from the River Rhine upstream of Basel, thereof 12 from the Diemel, and five from the Wupper.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all anglers and fishermen, fish vendors, restaurants, cooks, as well as attentive citizens who have all been contributing to this database by sending in tagged fish or tags!

Furthermore, 263 other individual tag codes, corresponding to fish of unknown origin, have been registered by automatic antennas so far.