What is „Fish Trek“?

Fish Trek is a database which can be used to reference the origin and fate of an individually tagged fish based on its tag type and unique code. Information about origin comes from participating researchers who initially captured, tagged, and released the fish as part of a scientific research project. Information on the origins allows determination of information about the fish’s fate, including details like distance traveled and movement time.

As long ago as 1932, Koch determined “that a high finder´s reward results in a reward of returned tags.” To maximize the knowledge rewards of Fish Trek, we offer a reward of 20 € for return of an individually marked fish or its tag, when all information is included on the location and date when it was found.

KOCH, W. (1932): Fischmarkierungsversuche am badischen Rhein und Neckar. – Badische Fischerei-Z. 9, 145 – 156, 164 – 176